About Me

For many years, I held a very serious job, giving economic advice to very serious people. After all that time, you might think that I have run out of advice to give. Far from it. But I am tired of being very serious, all the time. So I have started this website, where I provide a more light-hearted take on economic developments. It’s meant to be chatty and informal. But my analysis is still completely serious. Just to prove the point, here is a picture of my daily meeting with my advisory team.

* * * *

Josh Felman is the principal at JH Consulting, a macroeconomic consulting firm based in Washington DC. Previously, he had a long career at the International Monetary Fund, where he held a number of senior management positions. He has had an extensive association with Asia and with India in particular. During the mid-2000s he ran the IMF’s India office, and during 2015-17 he returned to Delhi to provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Finance, where he worked closely with the Chief Economic Adviser, Arvind Subramanian.

During the 1997 Asian crisis, he was the Fund’s representative in Indonesia, where he worked closely with the country’s authorities in restoring its banking sector back to financial health.

Mr. Felman did his graduate work at Oxford University in England.

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